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Recent Announcements for 2018



On Friday, November 23, global Christian television network TBN will premiere the documentary Luis Palau: Ambassador of the Good News, highlighting the dynamic ministry of one of the world’s most successful soul-winners of the last fifty years.



On October 11 faith-and-family television network TBN debuts Love Speaks, an exciting new weekly series offering practical, common sense perspective on the many ways God speaks, and how we can recognize and effectively respond to what He is saying.



On September 27th TBN welcomes comedian Michael Jr. to talk about his faith, his unique style of clean and inspirational comedy, and his upcoming film More Than Funny, which premieres October 18th in theaters nationwide.


The U.S. Constitution has been the foundational document and guiding force of the American Republic for the past 230 years. On Monday, September 17th, Constitution Day, noted historians David and Tim Barton from Wall Builders are in Philadelphia for a special TBN installment of America’s Hidden History, taking a look at a handful of the signers of the Constitution, and exploring why this carefully sculpted document has kept America on course for over two centuries as a nation of liberty under law.


Imagine if you discovered a vast treasure filled with ancient mysteries from ages past, revelations from heaven, answers to humanity’s age-old questions, and hidden keys to incredible joy and blessing! That’s The Book of Mysteries, a powerful new weekly series from New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn, premiering Wednesday, September 5th, on global faith-and-family television network TBN.



On Tuesday, September 4th, global faith-and-family network TBN premieres an all-new weekly series, Jesus the Game Changer, that explores the powerful influence that Jesus has had — and continues to have — across the earth


LOS ANGELES (August 2, 2018) — Award-winning singers, songwriters, and worship leaders David and Nicole Binion will debut their newest album during a special evening



A new, cutting-edge dramatic television series is premiering Tuesday, July 3rd, on global faith-and-family television network TBN. Produced in part by TBN president Matt Crouch and Leon Fontaine, CEO of Canada’s Miracle Channel, Smoketown combines intriguing story lines, non-stop action, and compelling characters who demonstrate a faith that is compassionate, uncompromising, and even miraculous.



It’s no secret that Contemporary Christian Music is one of the most popular and requested musical genres, combining culturally relevant sounds with meaningful lyrics to deliver a listening experience that is both entertaining and life-impacting. On Thursday, June 7th, faith-and-family television network TBN premieres the all-new weekly documentary series Remember the Music, spotlighting the pioneers and legends of this global cultural phenomenon.


On Friday, June 1st, British adventurer Bear Grylls joins host Matt Crouch on TBN’s Praise to talk about the professional and personal challenges he has faced as a world-class adventurer, and how faith in God has helped guide his way.



Monday, May 14, 2018 represents an historic day across Israel and America as the U.S. officially moves its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) will be on hand in Jerusalem throughout the entire week with a team of Bible, Middle East, and current events experts to provide front-row coverage and crucial perspective on this unprecedented event.


Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), who has presented numerous cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, will be the exclusive guest on the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s flagship talk show Praise in TBN’s Nashville studio Thursday, May 3rd, to discuss his new book Jerusalem: A Biblical and Historical Case for the Jewish Capital.