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Recent Announcements for 2014



How does a small, low-power TV station in Southern California grow into the largest faith-and-family broadcaster in the world? It happens step by step, with faith, perseverance, and strategic partnership. Matthew Crouch, Vice President of global religious television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), recalled that when his parents, Paul and Jan Crouch, launched TBN in 1973, they had little idea the worldwide impact their efforts would one day have. “All they knew was that God had called them to build a Christian television outreach, and as He opened doors they launched miracles stations, first across America, and then overseas.”



There's a kid-friendly television network that's getting rave reviews across the earth. It's the 24-hour Smile of a Child network, and parents on nearly every continent are stepping up to endorse its entertaining, educational, inspirational — and totally safe — programming for children ages two to twelve.



Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world's largest Christian television network, announced that it has reached a partnership agreement with Alfa TV, Finland's premier Christian network. Under the new affiliation, TBN will provide Alfa TV with a number of its most popular programs, including TBN's flagship music and talk show “Praise the Lord,” its long-running “Behind the Scenes” program, and several of TBN's key ministry programs. Alfa TV also plans to add programming from TBN's Smile of a Child kids network and its JUCE channel for teens and young adults



Trinity Broadcasting Network's Holy Land Experience, the unique Orlando, Florida faith-and-family vacation destination that brings the land of the Bible to life, set an incredible attendance record January 28, 2014 for its annual free admission day.


Trinity Broadcasting Network is changing the lives and futures of those serving time in America's correctional facilities, as it expands the reach of its TBN Second Chance initiative into correctional facilities in Mississippi, Washington, West Virginia, Texas, and Ohio. Since its launch in 2007, TBN Second Chance has provided TBN's 24-hour life-changing programming to over 750 prisons in more than thirty states, impacting a potential of nearly one million inmates. TBN covers the cost of equipment and installation, providing inmates with up to four of its popular faith networks: TBN’s flagship channel, its JUCE network for teens and young adults, the popular TBN Church Channel, and the Enlace Spanish-language Christian network.


Trinity Broadcasting Network will commemorate Martin Luther King Day January 20th with a moving, two-hour documentary recalling the tragic September 15, 1963 bombing at Birmingham, Alabama's 16th Street Baptist Church that killed four girls and jarred America's attention, marking a major shift in the nation's historic civil rights struggle.


In 2013 Trinity Broadcasting Network's prayer department received 905,558 requests for prayer from viewers throughout the world. That's right! TBN's 24-hour team of dedicated prayer partners joined with nearly one million individuals who called, e-mailed, and wrote in throughout the year, agreeing with them for answers to spiritual, health, financial, family, and other needs.


Two thousand thirteen was an unforgettable year for Trinity Broadcasting Network as the world's largest religious broadcaster mourned the passing of its visionary founder on the heels of marking a major Christian broadcasting milestone. On November 30th, just six months after celebrating the 40th anniversary of the network he and wife Jan Crouch launched on May 28, 1973 with one small low-power station, Dr. Paul Crouch passed to his heavenly reward — but not before he had the opportunity to survey the expanse of TBN's global influence.

Recent Announcements for 2013



Matthew Crouch, Vice President of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, offered a statement on the passing of South Africa's Nelson Mandela.



Today Dr. Paul Crouch, founder and president of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), was called home to live in eternity with Christ. Dr. Crouch was 79 years old. His passing followed a decade-long fight with degenerative heart disease.



Twenty-five years ago in the bustling Central American city of San Jose, Costa Rica, Dr. Paul Crouch, founder of Christian television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network, stepped alongside a Latin American minister who was struggling to get his own Christian TV station on the air. The miracle that grew out of that divinely inspired partnership has become part of TBN's 40-year legacy, as the tiny, fledgling Spanish-language TV station has grown into the world's largest Hispanic Christian broadcasting network, Enlace, reaching Mexico and the Caribbean, Central and South America, the United States, and western Europe with 24-hour Christian television for the entire family.


"Our dear friend for over forty years has gone home to glory. Pastor Chuck Smith was one of TBN's earliest ministry partners. He was a keen student of Bible prophecy and Scripture, and his Bible study programs blessed many of our early viewers as we broadcast throughout Orange County and Southern California. I know my good friend has finally heard the words, 'Well done thou good and faithful servant.' We will miss him, but we know that Pastor Chuck is now home with the Lord."