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Matthew Crouch, Vice President of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, on the move of God that is impacting the British Isles.


Not long ago I had the privilege of visiting the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, where the great Sixteenth Century Protestant reformer John Knox prayed a simple, powerful prayer for the salvation of his nation and people that still echoes across the centuries. That prayer — “Give me Scotland or I die!” — struck the principalities of darkness with terror and even caused earthly powers to tremble. Mary Queen of Scots was said to have uttered: “I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies of Europe.” Most importantly, Knox's prayer resounded in the halls of heaven, reaching the heart of God and leading to a spiritual revival that impacted not just Scotland, but the British Isles and beyond.



Reza Safa clearly recalls the day: March 16, 2003. For over a decade the Iranian-American pastor had prayed earnestly that the Christian gospel message that had so dramatically transformed his life would penetrate the darkness keeping untold millions in his native Iran bound in chains of religious bondage and fear ...


In 2002 a new positive youth network called JCTV exploded onto the broadcast landscape as an innovative alternative to the questionable programming teens and young adults are routinely being exposed to through youth-targeted channels like MTV and VH-1 and through some major networks. Thirteen years later TBN's exclusive youth network has a new name — JUCE TV — along with a fresh new look, new state-of-the-art studios, and a renewed passion to reach teens and young adults with the message that faith in God is relevant and important to their everyday lives.



When Paul and Jan Crouch launched the Trinity Broadcasting Network in 1973, the landscape for Christian television was wide open and largely unexplored. TBN pioneered a new inspirational electronic medium, creating bold and innovative programming that attracted viewers from a broad range of demographics with a message that brought hope, healing, and spiritual wholeness. More than forty years later, as many inspirational and religious networks struggle to maintain relevance and find voice in the clutter of content across myriad broadcast platforms, TBN is casting a vision for a new generation of Christian television through innovative programming and global networks.


Matthew Crouch, Vice President of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, recalls the special friendship he and his family shared with one of Gospel Music's true legends.  


LOS ANGELES (January 12, 2015) — The news late last week that Andraé Crouch had gone home to heaven brought my family and me both deep grief, along with a flood of warm memories about the Gospel Music legend that we always referred to affectionately as “cousin.” I think my father, Paul Crouch Sr., came up with that nickname for Andraé, for the obvious reason that he and our family shared the same last name. But in reality, the bond went much deeper than just a name.


Trinity Broadcasting Network announced the launch of an incredible contest that will run throughout 2015. Each week for the next year TBN will be giving away a trip for two to the Holy Land as part of preparations for its historic Grace Israel Tour 2016, a ten-day tour of the Holy Land, February 22 through March 2, 2016, hosted by TBN's Matthew and Laurie Crouch and featuring the powerful grace teachings of popular TBN ministry partner Joseph Prince.


January 5th is an historic day for the United Kingdom! Today Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world's largest religious broadcaster, launched TBN UK on Freeview Channel 65, bringing 24-hour faith-and-family television to 95 percent of television households across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland — nearly 26 million UK homes!

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In 2012 my family and I had the privilege of accompanying my father, Paul Crouch, on an extended tour around the world to check in on the scores of television stations and networks that he had a hand in growing over his forty years as a pioneer in Christian television. From the full-power stations across America to TBN's international networks throughout Latin America, Europe, the Baltics, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia — each stop we made on that memorable journey represented to my dad a milestone of God's faithfulness in the commission He had given my parents to take the message of Jesus to every corner of the earth


The face of Christian television is changing, and you can get a close-up view of what that looks like at iTBN, the innovative online faith-and-family network from Christian television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network. Launched in 2011, the web-based viewing experience combines live access to the most popular global faith networks with over 27,000 hours of on-demand inspirational and entertaining content that appeals to every viewer demographic.


Our deep sadness is shared with people of goodwill all over the world as we grieve the loss of Dr. Myles Munroe. We lost a beautiful, kind angel of God, who very early chose Jesus Christ as the center of his life, the center of his vision, and the center of his purpose — to faithfully and enthusiastically preach the Word of God to people all around the world. Trinity Broadcasting Network shared with the world the powerful faith that emanated deep within his soul.


Many people who have heard this “back story” are calling it a clear case of God's miraculous intervention! In early August, major news sources reported that two American medical missionaries serving at an Ebola treatment facility in Liberia — where nearly 3,000 individuals have already perished from the deadly virus — had themselves come down with the disease ...


America's beloved evangelist Billy Graham has an important new message on heaven, eternal life, and God's love that, more than ever, the world needs to hear! On Friday November 7th, global Christian television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network will air that poignant and timely, 30-minute video — entitled simply Heaven — while pausing with Dr. Graham's family and many friends to wish him a happy 96th birthday.