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This Month in Christian History

This Month in Christian History
Sunday, September 1, 2019 / TBN Staff

Recognizing Milestones in the Historical Timeline of Christianity.



This month in 1565, Spanish settlers in St. Augustine, Florida, formed the first Roman Catholic Parish in the U.S.


This month in 1565, Spanish settlers in St. Augustine, Florida, formed the first Roman Catholic Parish in the U.S.




Puritans from England, seeking religious freedom, set sail for America this month in 1620. They would later be known as Pilgrims.


Puritans from England, seeking religious freedom, set sail for America this month in 1620. They would later be known as Pilgrims.




The U.S. Congress amended the Constitution to prohibit the establishment of a state church—or governmental interference with the free exercise of religion—this month in 1789.


The U.S. Congress amended the Constitution to prohibit the establishment of a state church—or governmental interference with the free exercise of religion—this month in 1789.