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Seated in Heavenly Places

Seated in Heavenly Places
Monday, July 1, 2019 / Matt and Laurie Crouch

Seated with Christ.


Prayer is the very foundation of this global ministry to share the hope and grace of Jesus around the world. TBN has always been about winning souls for the Kingdom and believing with you, our partner, for victory.


Matt & Laurie Crouch sharing a moment in prayer with Pastor Jack Hayford. Prayer is foundational for TBN’s Family of Networks, and we’re grateful for intercessors like Pastor Jack.

It was during a time of prayer that God planted the idea for this ministry in the hearts of Paul and Jan Crouch. They prayed fervently, gathered with friends and advisors, sought wisdom from the Father, and obediently stepped out in faith. And what was birthed in prayer has been sustained and grown through prayer.


Timeless Inspiration

In 1975, a 77-year-old minister named Paul Billheimer published the book Destined for the Throne. A few years later, Paul and Jan encountered both the book and the man, and nothing would ever be the same.






They were instrumental in a 24-hour prayer initiative on TBN, which included several thousand participants ...

Soon after, Paul Billheimer and his wife, Jenny, became a part of the ministry of TBN. They were instrumental in a 24-hour prayer initiative on TBN, which included several thousand participants, and taped a number of teaching series for broadcast on TBN. They modeled lives committed to loving and obeying God and were affectionately known as “Mom and Dad” Billheimer.


“I called TBN prayer line for prayer and
ended up accepting Christ as my Savior.
Not only did Jesus save my soul, but as
a bonus, He freed me from my many
years of drug addiction!" —Cynthia 

TBN Partner Testimony


Destined for the Throne reveals truths about the church, the Kingdom of God, and us as reigning companions with God’s Son.


Paul & Jan Crouch with Paul & Jenny Billheimer in the early years of Praise the Lord.They went to be with the Lord many years ago, but they left behind a legacy of love, service, grace, and prayer. In fact, this book by “Dad” Billheimer was so influential, it is still one of the primary sources of inspiration for the mission of TBN. Destined for the Throne reveals truths about the church, the Kingdom of God, and us as reigning companions with God’s Son.


In the years that followed, Paul and Jan consistently applied the secrets they discovered in “Dad’s” book and watched their dream of a Christian network become the largest platform in the world for delivering the Gospel.


Paul Crouch would later write: “Ever since Jan and I got a hold of Destined for the Throne, I can say, without reservation, it has changed and blessed our lives more than any other book we have ever read—next only to the Bible!” A generation later, Matt and Laurie Crouch would have a similar experience with this amazing book.


Prayer is not begging God to do something He doesn’t want to do.
It is not an effort to make God willing to act. Prayer is enforcing
Christ’s victory over Satan. It is carrying out, on earth, decisions
already made in heaven concerning the affairs of men
(Destined for the Throne, p. vi).


Longtime partners of TBN have heard and applied these truths for decades, but it’s time for a new generation of Believers to discover them. That’s why we need your help. TBN is thrilled to share this book with you and others—along with a powerful study guide to help you absorb and apply the truths it holds. You can order this very special resource here!


“I called TBN for prayer prior to having
surgery for the removal of several tumors.
Praise God! The surgery was a complete
success! Thank you for praying, TBN!” —Ellen  

 TBN Partner Testimony



As “Dad” Billheimer taught us, we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. We are His hands and feet on the earth today. Through the finished work of Jesus, we are sons and daughters of Almighty God—royal children! Our identity is not in this world, but in Him!


As His partners and representatives on the earth, it is imperative that we stay connected to the Father, unceasingly, in prayer.


... [God] wants us to stay constantly connected with Him through prayer.


Matt & Laurie pray with Arthur Blessitt and Gavin and Patti MacLeod on Praise.


He is always listening, hearing our prayers. It can be easy to take for granted how powerful this privilege is. But it’s true: We can appeal to our Creator at any time. In fact, He wants us to stay constantly connected with Him through prayer.


How precious it is to know this of our Heavenly Father. He wants us to pray. And as we join together as a TBN family in unity of faith and purpose, we can do extraordinary things.


Together, as the church, we are joint heirs with Jesus, co-ruling and co-reigning with Him for eternity. We pray that through the TBN Family of Networks you will be reminded of your identity in Him. Because He has already won the victory, you are already victorious!



We continue to pray for you, and we are ever mindful of the honor and privilege of praying with you. Since TBN’s humble beginning in 1973, prayer has remained a central focus of our ministry, and we want to continue to expand this focus and our resources to serve you better.


What a blessing it is to join our faith together with yours, reaching out to the Father.

Our recently expanded prayer centers in Dallas/Fort Worth are home to a dedicated team of prayer warriors who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We receive over 1 million requests for prayer each year at our prayer centers. We are here for you, our beloved partners and viewers. When you have a need in your life or a celebration to share, or you simply want to reach out to agree with another Believer in prayer, please call, click, or write. We are already praying for you; we want to pray with you.



Toll-free at 1-888-731-1000 in the U.S. or +1-714-731-1000 (international).  Or submit your prayer request online at


TBN Partner Testimony

“I would like to tell the viewers of TBN
to stay encouraged. God hears your
prayers, and God will complete the
good work in you.”

Tereishia had been incarcerated and needed restoration, 

healing, and forgiveness. Once she’d committed to God through the

reading oHis Word and prayer, her release came soon thereafter.