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TBN Celebrates Forty Years of Unbroken Prayer

LOS ANGELES (April 19, 2013) — Thirty-six million conversions to Christ in the past 40 years! Yes, it sounds unbelievable, but that really is the number of salvation reports Christian television mainstay Trinity Broadcasting Network has received since it first went on the air May 28, 1973. And most of those reports have come through TBN's prayer ministry, which has been hard at work alongside TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch from day one.


“Right from the start we understood that a committed team of men and women praying for this ministry and for the needs of our viewers would be crucial to TBN’s success,” recalled Dr. Crouch, “and we set that ministry in place immediately.”


Over the past forty years TBN's prayer department has fielded millions of calls from individuals in need of prayer for salvation, healing, broken relationships, and countless other needs. In February of this year alone, TBN's prayer partners received nearly eighty thousand individual prayer requests, and led over 850 people in prayer for salvation or to renew their commitments to Christ. In addition, they received nearly 550 contacts from men, women, young people — and even children — praising God for answered prayer.


Donna Recinos, who has worked in TBN's prayer department for several years, emphasized that no effort is more important to the mission of TBN. “The prayer center represents the heart of this network,” she said. “TBN reaches many people who may not even go to church, but they know they have a place to call for prayer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”


She noted that for many viewers, TBN’s prayer center serves as a lifeline in times of desperate need. “One of our prayer partners might take a call from a teen contemplating suicide, while another prays for someone battling cancer. Or it might be a parent needing prayer for a child,” she said. “So many contact us later to express their gratefulness for the kindness, encouragement, and compassion they received. And we receive many confirmations of answered prayer.”


Recently one viewer wrote to say what a blessing TBN's prayer line has been to her and her family through some hard times they have been facing. “I don't know what I would do without it,” she said.


And for those manning the phones, the blessing is just as great. “Being on the prayer line means having access to lots of different people and helping them to connect with God,” said one longtime prayer partner. Said another: “I love receiving a praise report from someone I have prayed for. Hearing the excitement in their voices makes everything worthwhile.”


Dr. Crouch said that while there are many milestones TBN will celebrate as it looks back on forty years of leadership in Christian broadcasting, none is more satisfying than the network's commitment to unbroken prayer during that time. “To know that untold millions will spend eternity with Jesus, that lives and relationships have been healed and restored because of the faithfulness of our prayer partners — nothing equals that,” said Dr. Crouch. “May God grant us many more years of the same.”


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