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TBN Extending Christian Television to Millions Through Donation of Home Satellite Dishes

LOS ANGELES (August 16, 2013) — Global Christian television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network continues to donate thousands of direct-to-home (DTH) satellite dishes in key areas around the world, enabling individuals, families, and communities without access to cable or traditional broadcast television to receive TBN's 24-hour life-changing programming.


“There are literally hundreds of millions of people throughout the earth who have little or no access to the blessing of television that we take for granted,” said TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch. “Several years ago we realized that by installing these inexpensive DTH satellite dishes in areas where other broadcast options were limited, we could take Christian programming to large numbers of people at one time.”


Mr. Crouch said that over the past several years, with the help of its many partners, TBN has installed thousands of home satellites dishes in neighborhoods, villages, and homes throughout the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and elsewhere. “The result has been millions of people impacted by the message of the gospel,” he said. “In fact, in many areas churches are being raised up, and individuals are being trained and mentored through the preaching, teaching, and ministry they see on TBN.”


For example, TBN Russia's director, Igor Nikitin, noted that over the past year TBN has donated and installed over one hundred DTH dishes throughout central Russia, resulting in the launch of scores of small congregations in this largely Muslim area.


Mr. Nikitin said that in some cases entire villages will come together at a local cultural center where a satellite has been installed to watch Praise the Lord, TBN's signature music and ministry program, or one of the many Christian ministries that provide Bible teaching and worship on the network. “TBN has become church to many of these villages where Islam is predominant,” he explained, “and one of the most effective voices presenting the message of Jesus Christ.”


One woman in a small Russian village confirmed the impact TBN has had on her family and community. “It helps us study God's Word on a deeper level,” she said. “The Word is healing us, and making us wiser and stronger.”


Similarly, in the once oppressed African nation of Uganda, the Rev. Robert Kayanja, pastor of Miracle Center Cathedral in the capital city of Kampala, said that thousands of congregations throughout Africa look to TBN as a major resource for training and mentorship. “Most people in Africa don't have the opportunity to go to Bible school or seminary,” he said. “So they have learned much about preaching and teaching the gospel through watching the great preachers and pastors on TBN.”


He emphasized that TBN is much more that a TV network providing inspirational programming. “It is literally teaching the believers and the body of Christ all over the world many important elements of how to live and stand in faith,” he said.


TBN founder Dr. Paul Crouch said that as TBN celebrates its fortieth anniversary as the leader in Christian broadcasting, exciting doors continue to open that are extending the network's reach. “Opportunities we've prayed and toiled over for decades are becoming reality,” he said. “Countries, peoples, and institutions that have been antagonistic to the gospel are asking us to come. We're thankful for these open doors, and we ask God to continue sending us partners who will help us in this monumental, end-time harvest.”


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