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Trinity Broadcasting Network Partnering to Expand Christian TV Throughout Pakistan, Middle East

LOS ANGELES (July 1, 2013) — Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world's largest religious broadcaster with 24-plus networks and affiliates airing Christian television on every inhabited continent, announced that it is partnering with Christian leaders in Pakistan to expand the broadcast outreach of the nation's only Christian network, Jesus Christ Television.


Hosting the Pakistan network's founder, Javed Rauf, on a recent TBN Behind the Scenes broadcast, TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch emphasized TBN's long-standing mission of helping nationals in countries with little Gospel witness to establish television stations that will reach out to cities, towns, remote villages, and even into neighboring countries with life-changing Christian programming.


“Over the past several months we have heard news of the tremendous persecution of Christians in this officially Muslim nation,” said Mr. Crouch. “And yet, miraculously, we're seeing an amazing expansion of Christian TV in Pakistan. Here at TBN, we're excited to partner in this important outreach, and to witness the harvest that God brings out of it.”


Launched in 2004 by Mr. Rauf and others at the River of God Ministry in Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city, today Jesus Christ TV reaches Urdu-speaking individuals and families in three major Pakistan cities. Mr. Rauf explained that with TBN's partnership through a second satellite uplink, the network will soon be able to expand its coverage throughout the entire nation, and even reach into Afghanistan and western India.


“There is a potential of over 200 million people throughout Pakistan and our neighboring countries who will be impacted by the Gospel through this major expansion of our broadcast capability,” Mr. Rauf said. “We truly see the hand of God in our efforts.”


Mr. Rauf noted, however, that those efforts have not come without opposition. In 2008 Muslim extremists broke into Jesus Christ TV's Lahore facility, vandalizing the studio and destroying valuable cameras and television equipment. Through TBN's assistance the station was quickly able to replace the equipment and get back on the air, and has continued a full broadcast schedule since.


More recently, with the destruction in March of homes and churches in a Christian neighborhood of Lahore, the station has faced increased opposition, with three station staff members — a reporter, a cameramen, and a producer — arrested and jailed by police for several days while covering a protest by Christians in the neighborhood.


“It is true that Christians are second-class citizens in Pakistan,” Mr. Rauf said, “and so we are grateful to God that Jesus Christ TV continues to thrive.” He noted that to openly proselytize for a faith other than Islam is dangerous. “So instead we just talk about this man Jesus,” he said, “and never put anybody down. And people are coming to Christ.”


Testimonies by viewers attest to the impact the Christian network is having on individuals and families throughout Pakistan. “We have been watching your programs from the day it started,” wrote one viewer from Lahore. “They are such amazing programs with lots of testimonies that help us to grow in faith in Jesus Christ. We are thankful to God for such great opportunity to be like Jesus through Jesus Christ Television.”


TBN founder Dr. Paul Crouch said that partnering with networks like Jesus Christ TV is a major thrust of TBN's broadcast mission. “Just as Jesus said, the fields are white for a harvest of souls,” said Dr. Crouch, “and nowhere is the opportunity greater than in the Middle East. Through such outreaches as Jesus Christ TV in Pakistan, TBN's Al-Horreya Arab-language affiliate, and our Nejat Farsi-language channel, hundreds of millions of individuals and families are now able to hear and see the good news of Jesus Christ.”


Added Dr. Crouch: “We are grateful to the many who have partnered with TBN over the past forty years to help us reach the world with life-changing Christian television. And we look forward to many more years of fruitful harvest for the kingdom of God.”


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