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Jan 9, 2021 | 57:29
Homecoming Friends join Bill and Gloria in this nostalgia-filled video journey.,#=#,Bill Gaither,Josh Turner,Personal Story;Testimony;Music;Singer/Songwriter;Gospel;Tradition,Music;Religion;Series,Josh Turner, Swing Low Sweet Chariot;Josh Turner, I Serve A Savior;Josh Turner, Great Is Your Faithfulness;Josh Turner, I Saw The Light;Josh Turner, Without Him;Josh Turner, Long Black Train;Josh Turner, How Great Thou Art;Josh Turner, Me And God;Josh Turner, Amazing Grace,HD-BGPM2101-ED,1269920
Jan 10, 2021 | 57:29
Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller is a weekly program that helps people live meaningful lives.,#=#,Nations;Government;Deliverance,Bobby Schuller,Bayless Conley,Prayer;Music;Worship;Change;Heart;Restoration;Sin;Freedom;Personal Story,John 5:1-9,Religion;Series,Christian Music;Choir;Gospel,Hour of Power Choir, Mercy;Preston Parker, Sam Capella, Psalm 34;Maiya sykes, God Provides;Maiya Sykes, We're Blessed;Hour of Power of Choir, The Blessing,HD-RSHP2658,1264515
Dec 27, 2020 | 27:29
Dr. Jack Graham's mission is to glorify God by introducing Jesus Christ to as Lord to all people.,#=#,Jack Graham,Christmas;Singer/Songwriter;Music;Angels;Virgin Birth;Nativity;Jesus;Emmanuel;Relationship with God;Light of the World,Jeremiah 29:11;John 1:1-5,Religion;Series,HD-JGPP2053,1248056
Dec 26, 2020 | 27:29
Gaither Gospel shares joy through heartfelt stories and inspiration through powerful music.,#=#,Bill Gaither,Personal Story;Singer/Songwriter;Music;Testimony;Praise,Music;Religion;Series,David Phelps, I'll Fly Away;Gaither Vocal Band, God Is Good All The Time;David Phelps, It Is Well With My Soul;Gaither Vocal Band, These Are They;David Phelps, No More Night,HD-BGGF2052,1247365
Dec 26, 2020 | 57:29
Homecoming Friends join Bill and Gloria in this nostalgia-filled video journey.,#=#,Bill Gaither,Worship;Music;Singer/Songwriter;Testimony;Comedy,Music;Religion;Series,Gaither Vocal Band,Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Holy Highway;Gaither Vocal Band, Great Day;Gaither Vocal Band, Love Is Like A River;Gaither Vocal Band, Sweet Sweet Spirit;Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Old Camp Meeting Days;Gaither Vocal Band, Brand New Song;Gordan Mote, Get Up In Jesus' Name;Gaither Vocal Band, Swing Down Sweet Chariot;Gaither Vocal Band, Heaven’s Joy Awaits;Gaither Vocal Band,Ernie Haase & Signature Sound America The Beautiful;Gaither Vocal Band, I Then Shall Live,HD-BGPM2052-ED,1247395
Dec 24, 2020 | 27:29
A lively musical performance that takes viewers back to Biblical times! The characters embark on a journey to find the King of the Jews. They visit some of the greatest moments in history and encounter the King in an unexpected way!,#=#,Andrew Wommack,Drama/Play;Miracles;Music;Singer/Songwriter;Jesus;Hope;Restoration,Religion;Series,HD-AWGT201224,1243450
Dec 24, 2020 | 27:29
Celebrate Christmas with music and joy. This special Christmas event features Dr. Jeremiah, Charles Billingsley, Dennis Swanberg, and more.,#=#,David Jeremiah;Donna Jeremiah;Sheila Walsh,Michael Sanchez;Charles Billingsley;Dennis Swanberg,Christmas;Virgin Birth;Savior;Messiah;Music;Singer/Songwriter;Worship;Light of the World,Micah 5:2,Religion;Series,Michael Sanchez, Christmas On Broadway;Charles Billingsley, White Christmas;Voices Of Lee, Little Drummer Boy;Gaither Vocal Band, Mary Did You Know,HD-DDJTP205205,1243503
Dec 21, 2020 | 56:32
Join Tye Tribbett and friends as they celebrate the Joys of Christmas. Featuring Jekalyn Carr, Tasha Page-Lockhart and Kelontae Gavin.,#=#,Tye Tribbett,Jekalyn Carr;Tasha Page-Lockhart;Kelontae Gavin,Love your Neighbor,Joy,Personal Story,Holidays;Music;Special,Christmas,HD-TBNSPL6915,1237375
Dec 11, 2020 | 21:45
The Eric Metaxas Show offers compelling perspective on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe.,#=#,Eric Metaxas,John Cooper,Singer/Songwriter;Music;Musician;Artist/Artistic;Author,Religion;Series;Talk Show,HD-EMRS0076,1236070
Dec 12, 2020 | 27:29
Gaither Gospel shares joy through heartfelt stories and inspiration through powerful music.,#=#,Bill Gaither,Praise;Worship;Singer/Songwriter;Music;Tradition,Music;Religion;Series,Gospel Pioneers, Highway To Heaven;Gospel Pioneers, I Shall Wear A Crown;Akers, Sweet Sweet Spirit;The Caravans, Mary Don't You Weep;Walter Hawkins, Angela Spivey, Leann Faine, Oh Happy Day,HD-BGGF2050,1236098
Dec 19, 2020 | 27:29
Gaither Gospel shares joy through heartfelt stories and inspiration through powerful music.,#=#,Bill Gaither,Singer/Songwriter;Music;Christmas;Gospel,Music;Religion;Series,Ivan Parker, Buddy Mullins, Ladye Love Smith, Come And See What's Happenin';Gaither Vocal Band, Mary Was The First One To Carry The Gospel; Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry, Comedy;Greater Vision, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful;Ladye Love Smith,Donnie Sumner,Lana Ranahan,Jessy Dixon, Love In Any Language;Silent Night,Christmas,HD-BGGF2051,1236890
Dec 10, 2020 | 26:00
Join us for a night of high praise and powerful worship from today’s leading Gospel artists. Turn it up, sing out loud and encounter God like never before.,#=#,Tye Tribbett,William Murphy,Praise;Music;Singer/Songwriter;Worship;Personal Story,Music;Religion;Series,Gospel;Worship,William Murphy, Arise;William Murphy, Everlasting God;William Murphy, Already Getting Better;William Murphy, Praise Is What I do;William Murphy, This Is My Season,HD-GWE0025,1232131