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We communicate with God through Prayer in the form of confession, praise, worship, intercession and petition.

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Feb 14, 2021 | 27:29
Michael Youssef passionately proclaims uncompromising truth from God’s Word. Learn more at
Feb 16, 2021 | 27:29
The author of "From Survive to Thrive" urges all Christians to move beyond the ordinary to embrace an extraordinary life in Christ.
Feb 14, 2021 | 27:29
Jesus has rendered sin powerless. We no longer have to struggle to get saved; stay saved; get healed; or have happiness. This episode will reveal the victory that Jesus has already earned.
Feb 18, 2021 | 26:00
Jesus heals the brokenhearted! When pain clouds our vision and hinders new relationships; He makes all things new. | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000
Feb 17, 2021 | 26:00
Michael Todd brings a relevant and progressive message that changes lives.
Feb 15, 2021 | 27:29
Join the dynamic leadership and teaching of Dr. Creflo and Taffi Dollar.
Feb 15, 2021 | 27:29
Pastor Allen Jackson's mission is to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
Feb 12, 2021 | 55:50
Why were the nations of Asia so resistant to the Christian message? Discover powerful stories of life and death.
Feb 8, 2021 | 27:29
Pastor Robert concludes The God I Never Knew series with a message called “Does He Speak in Tongues?” where he explains the scriptural basis for having a prayer language.
Feb 9, 2021 | 27:29
Elijah’s second “secret” for living an extraordinary life is “determining to influence your culture.” Elijah understood that God never intended His followers to isolate themselves from a corrupt world; but to influence the world. Today we are going to discover three foundational convictions that allowed Elijah to be a true “world-changer.”
Feb 10, 2021 | 26:00
Keeping God at the center of your marriage will allow your relationship to thrive and stand the test of time! | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000
Feb 9, 2021 | 05:25