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TBN, please, please, don't discontinue your call-in prayer line as it is truly my life line. I'm 84 and a recent widow. I don't use email so I call in my prayer requests and it's nice to have human interaction and hear another person pray with you . Thank you and God Bless! Barbara // May 5 2021
Thank you for your prayer partners who pray with me every month. I have been praying for my grandson and slowly I have seen him change. He used to do drugs, drink and get in fights but now he goes to church, smiles, and is at peace. God Bless You! Oralia // May 5 2021
Thank you TBN Prayer Team for praying with me for my rheumatoid arthritis. My knees used to hurt so badly that I could not walk. Praise God the pain is gone. May God continue to bless you all. Aubrey // April 3 2021
Recently, I asked for prayer for complete healing for my missionary son and daughter-in-law in Bali. My son had dengue fever and his wife had a mild case of COVID. God pulled them through victoriously as we had prayed. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord! rebecca // April 2 2021
Thank you for praying with me for upcoming dental procedure. The doctor agreed do it without oxygen and anesthesia because I have severe allergic reactions to everything. Jesus helped me to handle the pain and it was not that bad. Praise the Lord! Lyubov // April 1 2021
Praise God! After 31/2 plus years of praying and calling TBN for prayer to be a homeowner, I am moving into my very own home that I will own as a single mom at 21 years old! Thank you TBN and TBN prayer partners! God is good! Taylor // April 1 2021
I am 82 and I called for prayer a few days ago because I was in unbearable pain so much that my chiropractor saw me on her day off. After prayer, the pain was gone! God gave me a miracle! Thank you TBN for your caring and anointed prayer partners! Georgia // March 8 2021
I want to give thanks and praise to Our God for giving us TBN. I've watched TBN everyday, and iI get encouragement and it also strengthens my faith in Jesus, as I go through different seasons of my life. Thanks, TBN! Marilyn // March 4 2021
I was so sick yesterday and this morning wth chest congestion, that I called TBN for prayer. I was so scared but TBN's prayer team is so annointed that my prayers were immediately answered! I made it through my workday without coughing and was able to breathe. Stephanie // March 3 2021
Praise God for the lady who prayed for me this morning when I was under attack. The Lord granted me a good day! Thank you to all the TBN Prayer partners. Sharon // March 1 2021
I felt under attack and needed help badly but forgot TBN’s prayer line number. Then the phone rang and a prayer partner from TBN called to follow up on me. I broke down crying because I reached out for God and he answered my prayers, literally. Neil // February 4 2021
My 8 year old, autistic grandson had a seizure while having a swimming lesson. Your prayer partners prayed for him and now he is fine. Thank you, TBN! Linda // February 3 2021
I called the TBN prayer team when my daughter a nurse, tested positive for COVID. She never had any symptom and praise God her kids and husband did not get COVID. So thankful for the TBN prayer warriors! Carolyn // January 7 2021
My wife and I have been battling COVID for several weeks. I had severe COVID related pneumonia and was hospitalized. During this time, I was soaking up God’s Word through TBN. I confessed God’s healing and am now home recuperating. Thank you, TBN! Mark // January 6 2021
A TBN prayer partner prayed for my chronic, swollen, painful yeast infection on my lip. Now it's almost gone after suffering 5 years, with dermotologists unable to help! I Praise the Lord for His healing and your prayers, TBN! Julie // December 9 2020
I have called your prayer line so many times and your prayer partners always pray with me over my concerns. Just wanted to thank the Prayer Warriors at TBN! Walter // December 8 2020
Thanks so much for praying for, and with me the other day. I've experienced so many of God's miracles lately. Thanks for being a friend to everyone, TBN. Marvin // October 8 2020
I called into the prayer line for my elderly mother who had fallen. We were concerned that she had broken her hip, however after prayer the xray showed no broken bones. Thank you Lord, and thank you for praying TBN! Joseph // October 7 2020
I had requested prayer because my insurance company recently denied a claim for a prescription that they had been paying for years. I couldn't pay the $2,400 for it. I called the insurance company and they approved it. This really is a miracle! Julie // September 9 2020
A while back I requested prayer for myself to conceive a child. A few months ago my husband and I welcomed a son! We are so blessed and wanted to thank you for your prayers. Lorene // September 9 2020
Your beautiful programs help me daily, not to mention having access to your prayer line 24/7. You have enriched my life since I discovered your channel 6 months ago. Sunny // September 9 2020
TBN is a top-notch Christian TV station. What could be more important than bringing Christ to the whole world? Thank you TBN! Stephen // September 8 2020
I reached out to TBN for prayer for my dog who was suffering from a large, raw hotspot. Praise God, it is now healing and he’s getting better. – Kari Kari // September 8 2020
TBN has the best prayer team. The anointing over the ministry is such a blessing to my life. I have received answered prayer with the healing of my body, improved relationships & peace of mind. Praise Jesus! Thank you Lord Jesus & TBN. Hallelujah! Stephanie // August 10 2020
I called the TBN prayer line and prayed with a woman that my family would not get COVID-19. God has been faithful & my family has stayed healthy. Everytime I pray with you all my prayers are answered in Jesus name. I love TBN. God bless you. Vivian // August 10 2020
Matt and Laurie, your attention to the racial injustice In America has been really impactful. I appreciate all the programs and ministers that you have brought on. It is a very powerful statement and shows that you care. Thank you. Rose // July 10 2020
I want to give God the honor and the glory for the TBN Prayer Department and those who prayed for me. You prayed for both my brothers to be saved and I am glad to report that now they are both saved and are behaving better. Praise be to God! Michelle // July 9 2020
Thank you TBN (with tears in my eyes) for the much needed special programming during this virus pandemic. They lift our spirits! Nyla // July 6 2020
Just wanted to thank your prayer partners for praying for my son who has diabetes and was scheduled to have his leg amputated. Thank God that his leg did heal and he is out of the hospital! Jane // July 6 2020
Thank you TBN, for your prayer partners. They have made a huge impact and are a help to us. Jerry // July 6 2020